Freedom From Smoking® Plus from the American Lung Association


Hi there, empower your employees to lead a tobacco-free life by watching the on-demand webinar from the American Lung Association.

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In this webinar, you'll explore the program's:

  • Strong foundation in behavior change theory
  • Overall session structure, from getting ready to staying smoke-free
  • Instructional, responsive web design with proven effective strategies
  • Corporate account dashboards and reporting
  • Counseling and customer support

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Our Speaker:

Jenn Folkenroth - B&W2


Jennifer Hobbs Folkenroth, national senior director of tobacco programs, American Lung Association

Jennifer is the national senior director, tobacco programs for the American Lung Association. In 2004, Jen started her career as a tobacco treatment specialist and received her certification from the Mayo Clinic in December 2006. Over the past 14 years, using the American Lung Association's proven effective cessation program Freedom From Smoking®, she has successfully helped over 1,000 tobacco users break free from their addiction. In her current role, Jen serves as the lead on all national tobacco control partnerships, grants, and initiatives. Before joining the American Lung Association, Jen was employed in a health care system providing nicotine addiction and tobacco treatment counseling in clinical and community-based settings. She is very passionate about developing, implementing, and enhancing the delivery of programs that will ultimately support healthier tobacco-free lifestyles throughout the communities served.

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