Krames On FHIR for your EHR system

Krames On FHIR® is a flexible application that enables you to deliver up-to-date patient education at the point of care. Using SMART on FHIR® technologies, it integrates smoothly with your EHR system and directly into your workflow—while allowing you to provide content based on the patient’s profile and clinical encounter. You can also use it to deliver content through your patient portal or in print, helping your patients understand their condition and learn the skills they need to improve their own health.


            Singing River Case Study




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Benefits for your technical team

  • Eliminate quarterly uploads of patient education, saving resources.
  • Continuously adhere to API standards.
  • Ease implementation using our preapproved app.

Benefits for your clinical team

  • View when patients received the education.
  • Customize the user experience per your preferences.
  • Enhance your workflow (e.g., suggest education based on the patient’s health history, tag favorites, access folders).

Learn how Krames On FHIR can increase workflow efficiency, lessen administrative burden, and lighten the IT lift, all while improving patient and staff satisfaction.

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